Addressing the most common fears regarding the subject

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Artificial intelligence is one of the most interesting, most promising, and most feared emerging technologies as of today. Personally, I think that it has a very high potential, but it will take time to develop advanced AI. For now, all we get is robots that can play flappy bird and suggest ads (please note that this is an exaggeration).

However, I feel like some people are blowing it out of proportion. They hear the term “AI” and immediately think of negative connotations. I will begin with the biggest misconception:

“AI will take over the world” 🌎

There are two ways to interpret the phrase “AI will take…

Quarantine, am I right?

I’m sure a lot of other people are in the same situation: stuck at home, with little/nothing to do. Of course, I’m working on a few projects with all this time, but the days get repetitive. Lately, I’ve been watching car restoration videos (I’m into car customization). Of course, I don’t have a modded Nissan GTR to work with, and the closest thing I’ve done to restoration is dusting off my collectables. Then it hit me: why not restore the wheelbarrow? …

An overview of the multiple projects that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in, and what I’ve learned from my experience.

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As you may or may not know, I have had the opportunity to partake in a program called “The Knowledge Society”. If you haven’t heard of it, it is an accelerator program that introduces students to emerging technologies, real-world challenges, unique opportunities and more. Another main part of TKS is embracing mindsets and developing life skills. You can learn more about TKS here.

In the program, we are given real-world problems from different companies and are tasked to make…

Electric flight has been an aspiration for a long time and is just now becoming a reality. However, there are still limiting factors that are slowing the growth of this technology. In this article, I will explore the idea of combining nanotechnology and flight.

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sigh… someday

I’m sure you’ve all seen it: visions of the future where flying cars and robot assistants are common luxuries. Yet, how close are we to this becoming a reality? We are definitely making strides in the right direction, with artificial intelligence emerging rapidly and companies like Kitty Hawk and AeroMobil currently developing and even testing flying…

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This is the future of AVs… or is it?

Machines are becoming more and more prominent in our lives as time moves on. As this happens, many companies are attempting to make fully autonomous cars 🚗. One of the main goals of autonomous vehicles is to optimize road travel, effectively eliminating human error. Many people visualize the future road system to be similar to the gif above, since the cars can communicate with each other at incredulous speeds 💨. However, this would require all cars on the road to be autonomous. So, here’s my question: how well will self-driving cars fit in with our current road system?

The current…

What advances have been made? How close are we to commercial delivery?

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One day, drone delivery will be fully implemented in an urban area. The question is, “When?”. However, before determining that, other questions must be answered.

So, what is drone delivery? Well, the term is pretty self-explanatory. The definition is “to transport packages, food or other goods by using a UAV.”. drones originated in the same way as many other technologies have: from the military. Modern drone warfare began in 1982, and multiple countries invested in research and resources. In fact, nearly 100 countries now have military drones. They…

Where would artificial intelligence have the most benefits?

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Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising technology today, partly because it can be implemented almost anywhere. However, there is controversy and paranoia around the subject. So before getting into the use cases, the basics must be described.

What is AI?

The basic definition is the branch of computer science that build machines capable of “human-like” intelligence. It is also the umbrella term for multiple approaches/techniques used by computers. There are different ways to train learning algorithms:

  • Supervised learning: All data is labelled and the algorithms learn to predict the output…

You wake up on a Monday and realize that you slept in. You can still make it to work, but driving would make you late. So instead, you board a capsule and get shot through a vacuum tube at 1200km/h, making it just in time and looking like a boss.

Everybody, this is Hyperloop.


The purpose of this article is to explore the technical aspects of the Hyperloop, while also determining the realism of the project. I will be discussing specs, how it works, the cost of construction, comfort, and when it will be available.

Elon Musk is the…

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Transportation is constantly evolving. This is because as time passes, some methods of transport become prevalent depending on people’s needs. Today, It is safe to say that on-road transportation (specifically cars) is the most used form of transportation (unless you’re playing Minecraft in creative mode), but other forms are also becoming more efficient as time passes. So, my question is: what will the next most effective method of transportation be?

Aerial Transportation:

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, U.S. airports handled about 9.8 million commercial airline flights in 2017. This number has fluctuated between 9.5 …

Why true independence is nearly impossible to achieve

(Based on a random thought I had, consider this as a practice article)

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Ever since humanity began, we have wanted to separate ourselves from each other; to prove that we are unique. Whether it was by creating different tribes, doing tasks alone, etc, people like to prove that they are capable.

Fast forward to today, and society still sticks to this mentality. Young adults move away from their parents and get a house, a job, and an independent life. This is normal, but people strive for this and consider it an achievement. …

Noah do Rego

Grade 12 High School Student | TKS Alumni

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